Monday, October 27, 2008

Bubba and the hand gesture

Okay, I understand that things are getting tight for the Republicans but it's starting to get a little touchy out in the streets. With election day looming, McPalin still behind in the National Polls, the Broohaha over Sarah, the hubby and their kids Pumpkin, Trout, Pickle, Widget and Trampoline's shopping sprees to Neiman Marcus and Saks and lets not forget, inferior plans for this country's future, it seems that my conservative brothers and sisters are beginning to act a little ugly.
Picture it if you will...

Bumper to Bumper traffic....7:30am rush hour....5 lanes going South into downtown. I'm in the middle lane. Big extended cab work truck in the lane to my left about a car length back. A horn blows behind me and I look in the rear view. Don't see anything special. Horn blows again...."WHAT???"....again, the rear view...nothing. Horn blows again. I turn and look.
Coming closer on my drivers side is the big truck. He's passing me giving me the thumbs down and, with an angry look in his eye, he's mouthing something I'm unable to make out, considering we're in BUMBER TO BUMPER TRAFFIC. I'm perplexed. Did i cut him off while changing lanes? Have I been riding my brakes in front of him? I was trying to figure out WHY??? Why was this man so angry at me? Then I notice something...the little green Honda Element in front of me with the Obama/Biden sticker placed prominently in their back window, the same place I have mine, is getting the thumbs down from this clown too.
Then it hit me....

This guy is holding up traffic so he can give me and my fellow Democrat in the Honda the Thumbs Down, and apparently a good talking to. Now that I know the deal, I try very hard to catch back up to this guy. Now I figure it like this, he gave me a hand gesture, it's only fair that I give him one back right??? So I roll on up, getting closer to what I'm now referring to this yahoo in the pick up as, the ReBUBBAlican. I'm getting a little pissy at this point. Who is he to give me and the little Honda (who I'm not sure is aware that she is on the receiving end of his little tirade) greif in the middle of rush hour??? I finally inch my way up to the ReBUBBAlican, ready to give him the ole Number 1 sign when I thought better of it. I rolled my window down, grinned like a big ole Donkey waved and shouted for him to have a nice day!!

At this point, he just kind of stared at me, slack-jawwed. I'm assuming he had figured he would be able to bait one of us into playing along with his assinine political road rage game. He drove on and I smiled to myself thinking that 1) I was the bigger person and 2) I'm feel great that my team is in the lead and I'm not so panicky that I have to take my frustration out on some poor motorist who is just trying to get to work on time.

Moral of the Story...Calm down Republicans and ReBUBBAlicans alike. If we made it through 8 years of W....Ya'll will be okay too.

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Fancy Schmancy said...

Never give the finger to a redneck in a truck. He'll either run you over, or shoot you.