Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Bucket List

One of my best good friends in the whole wide world (some of you may know her as Tara or MumMum or possibly even Skeeter, Kookie, Brittany or Brynn's mom) just posted a Blog. More precisely a Bucket List. I have not seen the movie although it is on my "TO SEE" list. (I do love Morgan Freeman. I'm hoping that when I die and get to Heaven, God looks like Morgan Freeman.) So...Tara made a Bucket List so I'm gonna make mine! It's fun, we should all do it!

1. Live in England. I'm not real particular of where in England. London would be great but the country is nice too.
2.Go Snow Skiing. I would love to go somewhere in Colorado or perhaps Utah but the most kick ass ski trip would be in the Swiss Alps

3.Learn a Foreign Language. I don't have a particular language in mind although Spanish would probably be the most useful and I've always wondered what Ricky was yelling at Lucy but I've always thought Russian would be cool.
4. See the Great Wall of China. This one is new. The whole Beijing thing has got me wanting to go to China. I never really had a desire to until now. But if I do go over there I'm not eating any cat or scorpions dammit.
these next things are in the WILL NEVER happen but it's fun to think about category:
5. Spend some time on a Yacht in the Mediterranian.
6. Sing a duet with Meatloaf.
7. Win and Olympic Gold medal in Syncronized Swimming (a dream that started during the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles)
8. Be in a movie with Tom Hanks
9. Ride in a Bobsled (like the Olympic ones)
10. Not be afraid of Snakes
This next group are the things that I expect to happen but if they don't, it would suck.
11. Go on a vacation with my 3 best friends. We're the most fun and we just need to plan it and go.
12. Go to New York City. I've never been, I HAVE TO go. I think while I'm there I'll take the Sex and the City Tour and try to spit off the top of the Empire State Building.
13. Have Grandchildren who love me more than their other grandmother. I will expect them to call me Big Momma!
14. See all of my children become successful in whatever they decide to do...hopefully none of them decide to be criminals or I don't know...Republicans.
15. Grow old and travel the world with my wonderful husband Joel.

While compiling my bucket list, I realized that if I were to Kick the Bucket today, I would die knowing that I've already had a full life and no matter if I never do anything on this list, I already have the love of a Great Husband, a Wonderful Family and the best friends anyone could ever wish for and it just don't get any better than that.

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