Monday, October 20, 2008

Hey buddy...can I bum a Nicotine Patch??

I have decided that I should probably quit smoking (and drinking so much, and start eating fruits and vegetables and possibly try to clean up the language a little bit...but one thing at a time) My birthday was this past Saturday. I'm 38, or as I prefer 20-18. (My daughter noted earlier last week that I was almost in my 30's. According to her calculations, I'd be 30-10 in just two more years and that is just ancient and tragic.) Birthdays, like New Years or any milestone that gets your attention, is always a good excuse to turn over a new leaf. I've decided that mine will be a tobacco leaf. As of tomorrow morning I will be going on the nicotine patch and possible starting Chantix (if anyone can convince me that I won't become either suicidal or psychotic). I can't describe the feeling I have when I really consider quitting. It's almost scary. I don't quite know what I will do with myself. If you've ever been a smoker, you know that it becomes part of you. I will probably take up chewing gum and I need to do something with my hands. Don't know what it will be. Probably cracking my knuckles or twiddling my thumbs. The thought scares me but I'm tired of being out of breath after 2 flights of stairs and it's getting pretty expensive lately. Nearly $5 a pack.
Wish me luck, keep your distance for a few days and pray that the Chantix doesn't make me kill anyone in their sleep.



I like your blogs, looking forward to your future updates.

Tenacious Tess said...

I know about the advertisments. It's a fucking conspiracy man!

By the way maybe that is why you've been forgetting things at work, because you are missing part of yourself in not smoking. I quit smoking and haven't for a year now. And I cleaned up my language to, I only curse when typing now. Good luck Bitch!

Pearl said...

Ahhh. I hear ya. As a woman who is also creatively looking for ways to express her physical age, I hear ya.

My response has been yoga. I've also cut back on smoking quite a bit -- but the asthma has helped with that! ha ha

I hear very good things about chantix.

Good luck!!