Thursday, October 16, 2008

If I Can't Be Independently Wealthy, What about this???

When I was a little kid I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. Then later in life I decided I wanted to be a physical therapist.Then at some point in my early adulthood I wanted to be a psychologist..or at least a therapist. I was and still am facinated by Mental Illness...(insert your own joke here________________________) Anyway years later I find myself working in a medical providers office...doing all the office crap like scheduling, records, financial crap...all the stuff that no one notices until I screw it up. Anyway this will probably be what I'm doing when I retire or die, which ever comes first. But to keep me from hanging myself in the closet with my shoe laces, I have this silly little list of things I would really love to do if I can figure out how to do it and make a living from doing it.
How great would that be? Having someone pay you to tell them what to do with their life?? This is a job where I could utilize my ultimate and infinate wisdom. Unfortunately since I would not be able to afford my own rates, that wisdom would only apply to OTHER people's problems and not my own.
2.Seat Filler
You know the people who sit in empty seats at the awards shows so the place looks packed? Now this could actually be quite entertaining if you filled the right seat. Imagine being a seat filler at the Oscars and getting next to Tom Hanks or the People's Choice and getting next to Matthew McConaughey. I might would have a heart attack or an orgasm or something. Maybe this wouldn't be the job for me...but I digress.
This is really the job for me. I could stare at a tan paint chip for three weeks, then scream out HOT DOG BUN or after looking at a white chip for 4 days only to come up with ALBINO easy would that be? I don't know how much Sherwin Williams pays for that but I'm going to at least apply for that job.
Today I added a fourth job to my list...
I could so do long as it was a romantic comedy or possibly a tear-jerker type drama. Nothing scary. Now I'm not sure how one gets this particular job but I love all different kinds of music and I'm sure I could figure out what would work where. Now, I have a feeling that this job would actually take some work and I'm more of thinker than a doer so maybe I could find someone to let me just sit around and say things like... "I like this one song by this one guy and it makes me happy when I hear it and since Mandy Moore and Ben Affleck seem to be happy in this scene of this movie...let's play that song..but just the chorus cause the rest of the song is about being on a pontoon boat"... See I could do it. It would be easy.
Oh how I envy the people who have those kinds of jobs...But alas...I actually have to work for a living so I better go do that....
But before I head back to the mines...Tell me what your dream job is and maybe if the price is right I can use my LIFE COACH skills to help you get that job!

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