Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Pink Cult

Okay so I drank the pink Kool-Aid last night. Me and a friend of mine went with our other friend, who is a Mary Kay consultant, to some weekly meeting thing that all the MK consultants in this one group go to. They call it a girls night out, which cracks me up cause 1 they don't have any alcohol and 2 my friend,Thomas, is there and he's not a least not on the weeknights. Anyway, so we go in there, sit down, have to go through all the little accolades they give out to the consultants for sales and bookings etc.. followed by applause and squealing... then we get to try some new make-up. Well I did at least, my other friend, also not a girl on the weeknights, passed on the make up testing. Although I think I almost had him convinced to draw some eyebrows on if we could have located a pencil in the right color. So we listen to a bunch of overly excited and perky people talk the happy talk about Mary Kay and for the most part, between being a guinea pig and hearing the witness to Goddess MK, I damn near decided to start selling this wonderful, fabulous product myself. I know the product is good, I know it's a good company that's been around for years, I know that if I work hard and con other people into selling this stuff too, I could get a pink car to drive and that's fabulous but am I perky enough to convince other people that they need $394 worth of skin care to compliment their $277 worth of mineral eye color and Marvolous Mascara? I don't know. I did turn into Ms. Perky Sue Tightass last night though. Some of you may know her. She's all smiles and can "honey sweetie precious...cute shoes and I love your skirt...who does your hair? It fabulous!" with the best of them. I had to decompress after I left there. I can so understand why Thomas is doing this, and he by the way is wonderful at it, I'm just not sure it is for me. But I'm afraid they got to my other friend. So just be warned if I call you and ask if you want to be pampered...I've drank the Kool-Aid.

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Nathan said...

Hilarious. It really is like a cult. Here in Utah, there are a million of these little groups, everything from make up to scrapbooking to candles. Some people really get into it, but my wife has a hard time. I'm kind of glad, because I don't want to come home to find out what useless item of the week she bought this time. She's done really well so far with buying stuff we could use regularly at these things. I'll keep my fingers crossed.