Thursday, November 6, 2008

Decompression and Long Term Plans

Yesterday felt like the day after Christmas. You know that feeling. You're happy, content, completely exhausted, but in a good way, but there seems to be something missing? That is how yesterday felt to me. No fighting, no hatefulness (other than on Conservative talk radio and a few Anti-Obama folks I know) everyone seemed less on edge. It was a completely different atmosphere than what we've had in what seems like forever.

Let me just stay I am COMPLETELY OVERJOYED that we will have a Democrat in the White House. About Damn Time is what I say. And for all of the bitching and crying Republicans I have this to say: big crybaby! If we made through 8 LONG YEARS of Dubya then you will survive Barak. He's nowhere near as stupid or incompetent so that alone will ensure that the next four years will get better. And look at it this way, my Conservative Brothers and Sisters, you will have SO much to bitch and complain about with a Democratic President AND a Democratic Majority in Congress. That in itself should make you happy. It will give Rush Lintball and Sean RANTity oodles of material to get ya'll fired up about. And i know how ya'll love to get mad and blame all that ails the world on us Godless Liberals.

Oh well, it will be 2012 before you know it and assuming Barak isn't the Anti-Christ and Armageddon doesn't befall us, we'll be doing it all again and I'll be back to having to just turn the channel to TV Land for an Andy Griffith re-run just to decompress.

No matter how much the campaigning process wore us out, we all need to remember that we participated in and witnessed History in the making and it was Grand.

I'll end on this note. My youngest daughter called me on my way home from work yesterday asking me to bring her a Newspaper home. I asked did she have an assignment that she needed the paper for or did she want to read the articles about the election and she said no, she just wanted to get one, save it in a big Ziploc bag and try to sell it in 30 years and make a bunch of money. Leave it to the kids to keep it all in perspective.


Fancy Schmancy said...

I hadn't even thought about the newspaper thing until I read that the NY Times ran out at a ridiculously early time, and had to print another 50,000 copies. People were standing in a mile long line waiting to buy just one!

We made history, oh yes, We Did!


Real Live Lesbian said...

Smart girl!

And I'm soooo glad it's over.